In recent years, researchers have been putting a lot of focus on the benefits of red light therapy. After thousands of research programs, there seems to be sufficient evidence showing the use of red or near-infrared lights to treat certain medical has real possibilities.

After seeing the evidence, more people within the medical profession are starting to promote the use of red light therapy to treat a variety of medical conditions. The evidence also suggests that near-infrared sauna treatments can improve one’s overall health.

In the sections below, the information is going to focus on describing red light therapy, discussing near infrared sauna therapy, and possible near infrared sauna benefits.

How Red Light Therapy Works

The human body is made up of trillions of cells. Each cell needs some form of energy to promote cell health and growth.

Light is the most important energy source for cells. In the world of colored lights, red or near-infrared light seems to have the most profound effect on the human body in terms of promoting better health. There is a reason for that.

Most if not all of the cells in the human body are filled with tiny organelles called mitochondria. These mitochondria serve as little batteries that can ignite cell repair and the growth of new cells. Interestingly, mitochondria also depend on light energy. In fact, mitochondria are particularly fond of red or near-infrared light. When it was such light energy, the mitochondria become ultra-active, increasing the speed at which cells can repair or grow.

It’s worth noting that rejuvenated cells and new cells can heal and give life to the human body.

Infrared Sauna Benefits (Medical and Mental Health Issues That Are Treatable With Infrared Sauna Treatments)

As was indicated above, researchers and people in the medical profession have discovered a lot of uses for red light therapy. Remember, the red or near-infrared light serves to heal damaged cells and promote the growth of new cells.

The following is a list of medical and mental health issues that have shown to be responsive to red or near infrared light:

  • Pain issues, particularly in the muscles and joints
  • Hair growth and restoration
  • Skin conditions such as scaring from acne, eczema, psoriasis, and superficial wounds
  • Vision issues
  • Mental health issues (depression, anxiety) that are a byproduct of chemical imbalances
  • Weight loss
  • Low testosterone and estrogen issues

Clearly, this is quite an impressive list. It would seem to indicate that red or near-infrared light could be some kind of a super cure in the future. However, the ability to treat cancer issues is always the gold standard for a super cure.

While there are indications that red light therapy could be useful in the treatment of cancer issues, there is a very serious complication. Since infrared light promotes cell growth, that would include cancer cells. The only viable way red light could be used to treat cancer is if there was absolute assurance that ultraviolet light was able to kill 100% of the cancer cells in a victim’s body. That may not ever be possible. So far, this issue has resulted in the FDA not giving approval for research on humans.

Even if you don’t have significant health issues, you can benefit from sauna treatments with near-infrared light. After a series of treatments, your skin will look healthier, your blood will be flowing cleaner, and you will feel as though you have regained the energy of your youth.

The Infrared Sauna Treatment Process

If you choose to get your red light treatments from a retail salon, you can expect your therapist to follow very strict guidelines. While red or near-infrared light is generally safe for use by humans, there are certain protocols that ensure the highest level of safety.

First, the medical community recommends treatments be spread over weeks and months. For the most part, two to three treatments a week for no more than 20 minutes is considered optimum.

Second, the light frequency intensity matters. Current protocols make clear that infrared light wave frequencies should be set at between 600 nm to 1000 nm when treating most conditions. When applying treatments around the eyes, 480 nm to 600 is optimum for safety reasons.

Finally, the red light therapy process is not an instant cure for any condition. It is a process that can take months, depending on the condition under treatment.

For the most part, you should see some results within the first three months. Over the next three months, more improvements should be forthcoming. By the time you reach six months to a year, your condition should be well healed and your overall health should be substantially better than it was before you started treatment.

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