Cryotherapy has been one raving, super-duper multiuse magic wand in the world of fitness and wellness for quite some time; and for guys like Will Smith, Christiano Ronaldo, Jennifer Aniston, and, of course, Joe Rogan, there may be no better way to cheat the natural rules of ageing than taking a 2 to 5 minutes walk through Antarctica and returning feeling as good as new. Cryotherapy, which literally means “cold therapy” is a technique in bodily fitness and health that involves exposure to extremely cold temperatures ranging between negative 140 to negative 230 degrees Fahrenheit (sometimes higher) for two to five minutes. Cryotherapy’s mode of delivery may often involve a few specific body parts even though the majority of users opt for whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) where the entire body is immersed in extremely cold air.

Many cryotherapy users have claimed that most of their sessions were closely followed by that “WOOO” feeling of ecstasy that is associated with a brief euphoric state known as the “runner’s high”. So you are probably wondering “what in the world should excite me about standing in a mist of ultra chilled air?” As a matter of fact, the use of cryotherapy has long been validated through several already established benefits. This is probably why most professional athletes fall back to this therapy when in need of immediate relief from severe muscle throbs or general muscle relaxation. Some known benefits of cryotherapy can be found in its lessening effect on severe migraine, treatment of mood disorders, reduction of arthritic pain, treatment of low risk tumors, prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and treatment of atopic dermatitis as well as other skin conditions.

Cryotherapy may just be one of technology’s finest applications of extreme temperatures (alongside iced cream and frozen chicken). Speaking about chicken, one of cryotherapy’s most advertised benefits is its ability to help users burn fat. And of course, this may just happen to be your best bet if you are on the lookout for the least demanding kind of fitness hack. Is there however any proof that cryotherapy actually helps you lose those extra lumps of skin?

Asides from the fact that a small rifle through history will show you that extremely cold temperatures have been used in dealing with excessive body fat long before the advent of coherent technology, cryotherapy for weight loss really does have some science behind it. The theory behind cryotherapy for weight loss is that it freezes fat cells throughout the body and kills them off. These dead cells are subsequently filtered out of the body by the liver and are therefore permanently removed from the areas of fat tissues.

The Journal of Clinical Investigation in 2013 reported that daily exposure to cold temperatures over 6 weeks reduced total body fat by about 2 percent. This significant drop in weight was ascribed to the fact that a substance known as brown adipose tissue (BAT) reacts to the extreme cold by burning extra body fat in order to help the body produce heat energy for keeping warm. With cryotherapy, a user can burn as much as 800 calories per session.

Several other recent researches on cryotherapy have highlighted its benefits for burning fat as well as for general weight loss. So if you’re looking to level up on your fitness and well being routine, cryotherapy should most definitely be your next stop.

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