It’s common knowledge that a good workout can be tough on your body. It leaves you feeling sore, tired, and exhausted for days. Non-fatiguing muscle stimulation is the best way to recover from these intense workouts by using an EMS device. EMS treatment stimulates muscles in a safe, gentle manner so that they heal faster, preventing aches and pains during movement the next day or week. This treatment ensures that you’re always ready for another intense workout!

Ways To Prevent Soreness Or Injury From Recurring

Regardless of the sport, training, or strenuous activity, you participate in; there is always the chance for soreness or injury. Luckily, some steps can get taken to prevent these issues from arising. Here are tips:

Stretch – Stretching helps prepare your muscles before working out and helps to increase circulation and blood flow. Be sure to stretch out your arms and legs so you’re more limber and ready to move!

Warm-Up – Doing light exercises such as twisting from side to side or touching your toes warm up your body and muscles before starting a rigorous workout.

Drink Water – Keeping your body hydrated helps prevent many potential health issues, including increasing the chances for heat stroke, seizures, low blood volume shock, kidney, and urinary problems.

Take Vitamins And Minerals – Ensuring your body has all the vitamins and minerals it needs to function correctly. By doing so, you’re taking steps that can help prevent chronic pain and inflammation.

Rest, Rest! – It’s essential to get the rest you need for your muscles to recover properly. If at any time during your workout you feel winded, it’s OK to take a break to gain your composure.

Wear Supportive Shoes – The shoes you wear play an essential role in protecting your joints and body from the impact of intense exercise. You should wear supportive shoes for weight-bearing activities, including walking, jogging, and running.

Monitor Your Macronutrients – Consuming the right balance of macronutrients helps ensure your body has all the required essential vitamins and minerals to function correctly. Consider supplementing if your diet isn’t meeting targets.

Make Time for Muscle Recovery – Your muscles need to recover, so make sure you’re giving them time by getting enough rest. By doing so, you can prevent chronic pain and inflammation.

If these steps get followed regularly, soreness or injury won’t be something that has to be worried about any longer.

What Is Muscle Recovery And Why Does It Matter?

It’s essential to know how the body recovers from a strenuous workout. When you exercise, your muscles are broken down and need time to repair themselves to perform well again in the future.

When performance and feeling your best are critical, the use of an EMS device come in handy! They allow you to recover quickly by stimulating muscles during their recovery time after an intense physical workout or other strenuous activities.

How Long Does Muscle Recovery Take?

Without special care, muscle recovery can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, but EMS devices can shorten this time. They allow you to recover quickly by stimulating muscles during their recovery time after an intense physical workout or other strenuous activities.

What Is EMS Therapy And How Does It Work?

As more people search for holistic ways to recover from an injury, they turn towards EMS therapy.

The EMS treatment is a revolutionary muscle stimulator that delivers high-voltage electric pulses directly into the injured or sore tissue area with low intensity and frequency settings for pain relief without medication.

To get the maximum benefits of using EMS therapy to treat sore muscles, users should spend up to 30 minutes a day using the Marc Pro device.

Benefits of using this device include faster recovery times, overuse injury prevention, pain relief, and overall performance enhancements.

It’s ideal for people who participate in:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Motocross
  • Fitness Training
  • Weight Training
  • Triathlons
  • Swimming
  • Soccer
  • LaCrosse
  • Crossfit Training

Not Just For Athletes

You might get surprised to learn that the EMS device is not just for athletes; it can get used by anyone with muscle pain or discomfort and has been proven effective in treating chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, and tennis elbow.

For people who seek relief from pain, this is an excellent option that is drug-free, holistic, and effective at minimizing the pain and discomfort of injuries or routine soreness.

No Side Effects

Unlike other common treatments for pain and discomfort, the use of EMS therapy doesn’t cause problematic side effects such as addiction, dependency on painkillers, or interference with other medications.

It is a safer and more natural option for those looking to better their health without medication use.

Discreet And Convenient

If you’ve invested in traditional massagers to help soothe pain, there’s a chance the massager didn’t live up to your expectations or was cumbersome or inconvenient to use.

EMS therapy works differently than massagers by sending small electrical pulses directly into the lean muscle group targeted for treatment.

One benefit of Marc Pro is that you can use it while sitting or lying down. When muscles contract without resistance, they can treat more muscle fibers meaning their benefits will become more robust.

No matter what your ailment may be – Marc Pro EMS devices can help you recover from injury and get back in shape faster than ever.

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