In recent years, people within the medical community have been very excited about the prospects of red light therapy in the treatment of various health conditions. The buzz has been going on for at least five years with no end in sight. It would seem the health benefits of red or infrared light for humans are essentially an untapped resource of healing and health maintenance.

In the following sections, the discussion is going to focus largely on infrared sauna health benefits of which there is money. During the discussion, you will get the opportunity to learn a little about the science behind red light therapy.

The Science Behind Red Light Therapy

To understand the benefits of infrared sauna treatments, you must first learn a little bit about the science behind red light therapy with red to near-infrared light.

It all starts with tiny organelles called mitochondria. Mitochondria are found in all human cells and act as the primary energy source for the growth of new cells and the healing of damaged cells. Without proper light energy, mitochondria will be dormant, which results in slow to no cell growth in the human body. Conversely, active mitochondria can cause cells to grow or damaged cells to heal.

While mitochondria will generally react positively to white and green light, they are particularly fond of infrared light. When seduce by infrared light, mitochondria will act in a frenzy, which speeds up the growth or healing process for human cells.

About Infrared Sauna Treatments

As you contemplate trying out red light therapy for whatever reasons you might choose, you might be interested to know where you can get treatments. The fact is you do have choices.

Before you decide to go forward with red light therapy, you should consult with your doctor. It is always a good idea to get their opinion and or recommendations. Assuming you get the green light, you could choose to get red light therapy from a medical clinic. Of course, that might be a rather expensive option given the number of treatments you might need.

You might also want to consider administering your own treatment with an FDA-approved infrared laser or LED device. While certainly a more affordable or convenient option, you might be running the risk of administering your treatments incorrectly, diminishing the effectiveness of the process.

Your best option might be to seek red light therapy treatment from a retail sauna or spa that specializes in infrared sauna treatments. Under the care of a therapist who is licensed to administer said treatments, the process would be properly administered.

To reap the maximum infrared sauna health benefits, the treatment process must be handled the right way. That means the therapist needs to follow the protocols that have been set forth by the medical community for safety reasons. Here are a few guidelines that the therapist should be following to maximize your safety:

  • Settings for infrared light wave intensity should be in the 600 nm to 1000 nm range, depending on the treatment area
  • Infrared light wave frequencies close to the eyes should not exceed 600 nm
  • Patients can receive two to three treatments a week
  • Treatment sessions should not last longer than 15 to 20 minutes per session

In a sauna setting, you can expect the retail facility to administer treatment with FDA-approved sauna lamps. If you have specific areas you wish to have treated, the therapist might choose to use a handheld laser or LED device similar to the ones you might use at home.

While infrared light therapy is producing amazing results in some areas, it’s not an instant cure. It takes time for cells to repair or grow after exposure to infrared light. After starting treatments, you should start seeing results in about 12 weeks. From there, you should experience steady improvements until you have maximized the benefits of treatment, which could take up to a year.

Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

As we stated above, the medical community is currently using red light therapy to treat a variety of medical and mental health issues. Therapists are also using this technology to improve the overall health and well-being of patients who are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.

As for medical conditions that seem to respond well to red or near infrared light, they would include:

  • Pain and inflammation issues in the joints and muscles
  • The healing of superficial wounds
  • Skin conditions or disorders such as wrinkles from sun or aging, the scars left from acne, psoriasis, scarring from cuts, scapes, and burns, and eczema
  • Mental health issues like depression and anxiety, which result from damage or chemical imbalances in the brain
  • Hair loss or restoration
  • Vision issues due to damage or scarring of the cornea
  • Inner ear issues that cause hearing loss

Skin and other forms of cancer are not included on this list because infrared light will spur cancer cell growth if live cancer cells exist in a treatment area. For this reason, it is very unlikely cancer will ever make the list of medical conditions that are treatable with red light therapy.

Clearly, the health benefits you could derive from infrared treatments are on the rise. If you have any medical conditions you need to address, you might want to have a discussion with your doctor about red light therapy as a viable treatment option.

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