Marc Pro Advanced Active Recovery is a tissue revitalizing system that improves body function and speed the body’s natural recovery process. Tissue revitalization allows cells to recover from trauma by enhancing cell function, repairing damaged tissues, and increasing overall tissue volume and health. Marc Pro’s system encourages faster healing, reduces swelling and pain, increases energy and stamina, and improves posture and balance. Advanced Active Recovery improves body function by:

Stimulates Healing One of the greatest benefits of the system is its stimulation of healing. It stimulates the release of growth hormone, which promotes the repair and regeneration. The increase in growth hormone is a great benefit because it reduces swelling, pain, and inflammation and increases strength and endurance. Another benefit is the release of serotonin, which is a natural pain inhibitor. Serotonin is another natural pain inhibitor and is great at reducing pain. Marc Pro’s system also increases the body’s supply of energy and decreases the amount of glucose being used.

Improved Posture and Balance Athletes who are looking to improve their performance will enjoy the effects this device has on postural and balance. This method also allows athletes to reduce risk of injury during training and competition. People who suffer from chronic pain or arthritis will also find relief using this process. This is another benefit many athletes and active individuals are taking advantage of when they use Marc Pro.

Reduce Knee Pain and Improve Motion Another advantage of using Marc Pro is that it provides therapeutic electrical stimulation to reduce pain and improve motion. Athletes who suffer from knee pain and arthritis often experience stiffness and increased soreness. Athletes who are recovering from injury will greatly benefit from reduced pain and improved movement. It has also been proven that those with arthritis benefit from reduced inflammation and joint mobility. This is another great benefit of using this unique system.

Stimulate Healing and Recovery The healing process for injured or sore muscles can be greatly enhanced by using Marc Pro. Electrodes are placed at specific points on the body. Each time the user moves to a different set of electrodes is stimulated. This promotes the production of human growth hormone, which helps repair and grow muscles after strenuous exercise.

Prevent Hormonal Imbalance After Injuries Electrical stimulation is a great way to prevent overtraining from setting in after an injury. When the body is able to heal itself more quickly, there is less stress placed on muscles. Therefore, they are less likely to become stiff or sore after exercising. Marc Pro Devices use frequencies to help stimulate healing and prevent future muscle and joint stiffness.

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