Compression therapy is a medical treatment that has been in the market for some decades. It is most recommended to people who are fighting chronic diseases and athletes.

Generally, this treatment helps people with various health issues and conditions to improve their overall life quality. It does so through extreme pain reduction. The primary goal of compression treatment is to help you increase blood flow. Your blood circulatory system delivers nutrients, hormones, and oxygen to body cells.

Additionally, it is also responsible for eliminating toxins and metabolic wastes in your body system. By increasing your blood flow, this therapy ensures more nutrients and oxygen to your system, which is crucial to proper body functionality and fast healing.

Compression therapy works in providing extra support to the veins hence improving blood flow.

Depending on your condition, the therapy can include rapid reboot stockings, sleeves, wearing socks, or pantyhose. These wear typically help you to apply pressure to specific areas of your body. Narrow blood arteries and vessels cause poor blood circulation. Compression wears help you loosen and stretch out the vein walls.

Following are some benefits of compression treatment.

1. Boost Blood Flow

Whenever you are standing or sitting, your leg veins usually fight the gravity force to ensure that blood goes back to the heart. Now, compression treatment helps you to squeeze your legs gently. As a result, your blood will flow faster, heading in the correct direction.

2. Less Swelling

Generally, compression tights may help you avoid fluid leakages from your legs’ tiny blood vessels. Most people experience swelling, especially if they have to stand or sit for long hours. However, compression treatment will help you prevent swelling. For instance, you may use them if you will spend more hours of work while you stand. Additionally, you may wear them when traveling for long hours.

If you already have a swelling condition, this treatment may help you absorb the extra fluid in your legs. This, in turn, enables you to treat the swelling condition. Additionally, you may experience swelling due to pregnancy side effects. For this reason, it would be wise to consult your doctor and discuss the best compression wears for you.

3. Treatment and Prevention of Varicose Veins

Blood vessels usually contain valves that prevent blood from flowing in the wrong direction. This also helps in ensuring that blood flows back to your heart. Sometimes your blood vessel valves wear out, resulting in a blood pool. As a result, you may develop varicose veins, twisted veins, and swollen veins, causing a heavy, aching feeling and pain in your legs.

Your doctor may recommend compression stockings to help you reduce the swelling and discomfort caused by varicose veins. Once you end your varicose vein treatment, you may consider compression treatment to prevent a new varicose vein.

4. Nausea and Less Dizziness

You might have experienced an orthostatic hypotension condition. This condition is a result of a drop in your blood pressure as you stand up. You may feel lightheaded, dizzy, or even nauseous. Once you visit your specialist with such issues, they might recommend waist-high or thigh-high compression hose.

Orthostatic hypotension is usually a result of blood pooling in the legs. With compression treatment, you will be able to manage this condition.

5. Healing Leg Ulcers

Ulcers are skin open wounds that can be a challenge to cure. Leg ulcers are mainly caused by:

  • Vein problems
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney failure
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure


Compression treatments are effective in treating leg ulcers. Through compression treatment, the flow of blood will improve, which will help heal the ulcers. It does help you reduce leg ulcer symptoms during the recovery process, including itching, swelling, and pain. Additionally, compression treatment will help you prevent new leg ulcers in the future.

6. Reduced Blood Clots Risk

Most people who have ever had surgery or hospitalized for a while keeping their feet off develop a higher risk of deep vein thrombosis. The condition is a result of a blood clot and may lead to severe consequences.

Your doctor may recommend compression treatment to help you prevent blood clots. This is especially if you are to be admitted to a hospital for a more extended moment. Additionally, it is also advisable that you continue using compression stockings after going home to help you prevent the condition as you recover.

In addition, if you spend most of your time during the day seated, including travelers, you might be at risk of experiencing a blood clot. However, people who take longer flights might be at higher chances of developing a blood clot compared to other times. You may reduce the risks of a blood clot by using compression socks while traveling. If you are to take longer flights, they will help you reduce leg discomfort and swelling.


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