Infrared therapy is widely used in various medical fields, including autoimmune diseases, veterinary medicine, and dentistry. It is natural and safe, making it an alternative to managing conditions such as arthritis, joint stiffness, and muscle pain. Studies have linked infrared therapy to several functions in the body.

Various key players are involved in developing skincare solutions, including facialists, biomedical engineers, dermatologists, and NASA, the renowned space agency. Red light therapy is popular and widely talked about because of its ability to improve the appearance of the skin. The treatment entails the use of specific light energy wavelengths to manage conditions such as acne.

Researchers believe that when red light therapy (RLT) pulses hit your face, they will be absorbed by mitochondria. Mitochondria is a vital cell organelle tasked with converting nutrients into energy through adenosine triphosphate.

Powered by RLT, mitochondria will stimulate the rejuvenation and growth of cells. The therapy enhances skin appearance by promoting the production of collagen. As we become old, the production of collagen naturally decreases.

A German study carried out on patients who received 30 sessions of RLT over 15 weeks revealed that it made the skin smooth, rejuvenated the skin, and improved collagen density.

A US study on the effects of RLT on patients who had sun-damaged skin revealed that it thickened the collagen fibers causing a firmer, smoother, and softer appearance after nine sessions of the therapy distributed over five weeks.

Several studies are still ongoing on the health benefits of RLT. The results are promising, and some of the red-light therapy health benefits include:

Improving Acne

RLT has proven to be effective in treating acne vulgaris. Excessive exposure to sunlight may alter the functions of sebaceous glands. Sebum produced from the glands may clog the pores causing acne. Sunlight may also calm the overactive gland. The risk from sunlight is associated with exposure to ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays, which may cause skin disorders such as cancers.

Studies have revealed red light therapy health benefits in managing acne vulgaris alone or when combined with therapies like blue light. The light does not only alter sebum production but also minimizes irritation and inflammation at the site.

Hair Growth

A study was carried out on the effect of low-intensity light in individuals with alopecia. It revealed that individuals subjected to RLT experienced an improvement in hair density, unlike those in the control group. The more significant benefit was noticed when the light was applied in 665nm to 808nm.

Wound Healing

Red light treatment appears promising in fastening wound healing. The therapy is believed to assist wound healing in the following ways:

  • Increasing production of collagen on the skin
  • Stimulating the production of fibroblasts
  • Stimulating angiogenesis
  • Inhibiting inflammation within the cells

However, more clinical trials are required to confirm the above results.

Promoting Bone Recovery

Studies reveal the red light therapy health benefits in managing defects of the facial bone. The therapy seems to fasten healing after treating defects of the facial bone. The treatment has also proven to be effective in minimizing pain and inflammation in the process. However, a more standardized approach is still necessary to ascertain the effectiveness in bone recovery.

Reducing Pain

For individuals with chronic conditions, RLT seems to be effective in managing pain. A study carried out showed that it effectively reduced discomfort in adults with musculoskeletal disorders. For effective therapeutic outcomes, practitioners are advised to stick to specific dosage recommendations.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Most of the conditions managed by RLT are associated with inflammation. Researchers believe RLT possesses anti-inflammatory properties, although the exact mechanism isn’t precise yet. It exerts anti-inflammatory properties both locally and systemically.

Locally refers to the light application site, while systemic effect refers to its impact on your tissues and organs within the body. RLT may help manage the following chronic conditions which are associated with inflammation:

  • Tendinitis
  • Obesity
  • Alopecia areata
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Psoriasis

Other conditions that it can effectively manage are inflammation of the thyroid gland and Alzheimer’s disease. The anti-inflammatory property of RLT is promising, although more studies are still necessary.

Cardiovascular Health

Studies have indicated that infrared therapy is effective in improving cardiovascular function. The light stimulates the release of nitric oxide, which is an essential signaling molecule for the blood vessels. Nitric oxide prevents clamping of the blood vessels, relaxes the arterial vessels, and prevents blood clotting.

Besides, nitric oxide combats free radicals, protecting the body from oxidative stress. Because of the relaxation of the arterial vessels, it regulates blood pressure. It improves the circulation of blood, ensuring that nutrients and oxygen reach the injured tissues.


Infrared therapy may be applied via saunas. Detoxification is vital because it strengthens your immune system. In addition, detoxification helps biochemical processes to operate appropriately, improving the digestion of food. Through infrared saunas, the body’s core temperature will increase, ensuring detoxification at the cellular level.

Cancer Treatment

RLT is a viable cancer treatment method. Studies have revealed significant nano-particle activation when exposed to infrared rays, rendering them highly toxic to nearby cancerous cells.

Photo-immunotherapy is an example of such modality, and It employs a conjugated antibody photo-absorber complex. The complex binds to the cancerous cells.

At times you may consider a home-based RLT device. Although they are safe generally, lower wavelength implies that they are less powerful. If you are contemplating a home-based device, consider the following:

  • Shield your eyes properly
  • Strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Take care not to fall asleep during the therapy
  • Ensure there are no corrosion or broken wires by taking good care of the device

Consider giving red light therapy a try. However, don’t be overambitious because of the inter-individual skin variation. For effective outcomes, it is advisable not to neglect other preventive measures such as sunscreen application.

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