MarcPro Muscle Stimulation is the first of its kind to infuse your body with completely natural recovery. We have combined the therapeutic effects of a massage, the body’s natural state of repair, and the use of an intense electrical current with the proper sequence of movements to direct focused energy to muscle tissue, giving you maximum intensity at minimal effort. MarcPro is the first muscle stimulation device of its kind to deliver scientifically proven benefits. It provides natural recovery whereby 100% of muscle contraction is restored to full strength immediately after MarcPro is switched on. Controlling recovery – The application of a sustained electrical current quickly increases fatigue and reduces performance stress.

How Marc Pro Benefits Muscle Recovery

The MarcPro combines passive and active muscular stimulation, which is delivered via electrodes attached to your skin. This method maximizes muscle activation in the areas where it needs to be to support a healthy recovery. Doing so helps the body increase its overall healing process, which ultimately leads to faster recovery. An overuse injury is a major concern for those training or working out. By stimulating your muscles with electrical pulses, MarcPro provides direct relief to the muscles that you’re targeting to improve recovery. By keeping the muscle in an active state, you’re activating and enhancing recovery.

MarcPro improves muscle activation for your muscles at each stage of the recovery process. This powerful tool can activate your muscles for weeks after a workout. When you activate your muscles with MarcPro, you improve muscle activation, stimulate growth, and keep your body healthy for the long term. If you want to increase muscle growth, increase your recovery, decrease muscle damage, and get faster without losing your intensity, then MarcPro is for you! When you use it more than 30 minutes a day, you will see:

  • Extra progress: You will see an increase in strength that will enhance your training for the day, week, or month.
  • Increased flexibility and mobility: The muscle activation technique allows you to move your body with a greater range of motion and a better range of motion.
  • Increased strength and endurance: By improving mobility, you will become stronger and exercise for longer.
  • Increased stamina and resilience: The tendon and muscle activation therapy help with leg, thigh, core, and back issues.
  • Enhanced athletic performance: By improving your mobility and increasing your range of motion, you will perform better at your next athletic event.

How Is Marc Pro Different From Other Muscle Recovery Devices?

Physiological research shows that no two muscle fibers are the same. Therefore, muscle activation is enhanced by being varied. Each muscle activator has its effect on recovery, and the more varied the activation, the more the muscle adapts to the activity, developing and improving throughout the workout. Just like a muscle adapts to the activity by getting stronger and more effective, its endurance increases. You will be able to train harder, longer, and for longer, building endurance to train harder, longer, and longer.

Effective muscle recovery is essential for athletes and everyday health-seekers. We understand that the recovery process varies depending on the level of fitness, lifestyle, and use. MarcPro not only provides effective recovery, but it’s also effective for the first 60-90 minutes after intense exercise and makes it easy for users to utilize.

MarcPro can help you recover more efficiently, improve performance and burn fat fast. With MarcPro, you have a product with a positive, powerful image. With this image, you can communicate your cause, target, or product without risk of false advertising or negative attention. Marc Pro can help you perform better at your next workout.

Before you use MarcPro, you’ll need to place it in a stable and comfortable position. You’ll need the correct angle for your muscle activation. We recommend 0°-30°. The device has a built-in cooling system that will cool you down.

Once your body has cooled down, your muscles will be stimulated to react by delivering tensile force and moving the tissue in a slightly different way. As the muscle fibers fire, you’ll feel it work the muscle. And because of the non-fatiguing muscle activation, you’ll feel that movement in the muscle for the full length of the session to help maximize the recovery effect.

Who should use Marc device?

Professional athletes, professionals, CrossFit athletes, young people, among others, can benefit from the device. 90% of professional athletes rely on EMS to recover from their workouts. Most people struggle to spend the time and money necessary to implement these exercises to optimize recovery, so EMS has become a must for any athlete’s recovery routine.

You’ve been injured, hurt, or got that annoying thing on your body that you need to get rid of, but it’s not working as well as you’d like. When the body is injured or recovering from other conditions, we take it back to the basics. We all know those exercises that work, like squatting and deadlifts, but we all need more. That’s where MarcPro comes in.

Much like warm-ups, physical therapy, ice baths, and increased stretching, MarcPro is a game-changer in the recovery process. Our initial use of MarcPro is for small muscle groups (e.g., the legs, abs, upper back) to activate dormant muscles and get the blood flowing to them. You’ll feel the increase of blood and oxygen, which activates the muscles that need.


An EMS device is like a muscle activation machine. This is simply because you get the same results (increased muscle activation) through EMS as you do with any drug-based muscle activation machine. The only difference is that the EMS device takes most of the mental and emotional strain out of the recovery process. EMS is suitable for both bodybuilders and gym-goers because it’s not meant to replace exercise but rather augment it. The EMS devices are designed to get your body working in its most optimal state, which means it helps your body function better and recovers faster while decreasing muscle soreness and cramping.

While many products improve athletic performance, there is only one that helps a person recover faster and reduce injuries, allowing the athlete to be at their peak more often and improve their performance. Treating people with results-based sales and product support has always been our goal, and we strive to treat our customers like family.

However, the one area where this product differs from the traditional ones is its applications to athletes. Ephrem developed an E-band strapped to the back of the upper arm to stimulate the area around the shoulder joint and lower chest. This means that a professional fighter or amateur wrestler can use marc device to train their body in a complete and streamlined way that brings about the ideal effects. Next time you’re injured or sick, instead of going through the typical rehab processes, try this muscle activation machine.

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