You might hear a lot of different individuals bring up infrared saunas when the subject presents itself, but why? Why has the use of one become such a health trend today? How do they work? Many celebrities say it has helped them with weight loss and the management of their chronic pain. Not enough people, however, really know what it does, how it works, or what technology it functions on. Fortunately, this article will give you the accurate details you need to fully understand the infrared sauna process.

Let’s Talk Science

Looking to know more about infrared saunas? Let’s take a look at the science it runs on. Most of us know radiation is often used for medicinal purposes. Although, even with all sorts of radiation stemming from the electromagnetic spectrum, they’re still separated by wavelength, meaning using different forms creates different consequences on the human body. For example, a smaller part of the spectrum comes from visible light containing 400 to 700 nanometers in wavelengths. Ultraviolet light from the sun or x-rays typically has shorter wavelengths. Infrared is more visible to our human eyes because of its longer wavelength than others. Now, harnessing the application of this radiation form as a sauna has a few positive and interesting results.

Why Was Infrared Radiation Included In Saunas?

People have used and enjoyed the typical sauna to unwind or for their fitness for several years now throughout the world. However, there are problems bound to ensue. The specially designed stoves inside can reach up to 150-195 degrees Fahrenheit, temperatures not everyone can handle. The lack of comfortability can cause the users to cut the time inside the sauna short.

Due to this situation growing more and more common, scientists took on the challenge of making the sauna experience better. In their tests, the best result by far was using infrared radiation. This could penetrate the skin 4 centimeters deep transferring its energy as heat. This allows for the sauna to heat your body without the need for heat surrounding you. This allowed for more comfortable and relaxed temperatures, allowing for greater endurance in enjoying the session.

Do Infrared Saunas Have Any Other Benefits?

One of the most primary benefits of using infrared saunas is it helps to regulate a person’s sleep cycle. This means people with troubles by way of dysfunctional sleeping or insomnia can be better managed because of this process. Users have found a better experience in sleeping at night due to the new sauna type. Muscle recovery, weight loss, increasing muscle mass, all additional benefits. Adding this treatment to the end of your workout can help you reduce possible fatigue and reach your fitness goals more efficiently.

Infrared therapy has also helped those with chronic diseases adding a bit of relief from their complicated restrictions. Infrared has proven useful for those with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Medical conditions affecting joints, bones, and muscles.

How Are Infrared Saunas Responsible For All These Benefits?

The majority of the health benefits explained before come from infrared radiation’s ability to signal pathways for cells internally. Putting it simply, infrared guides cells onto generating a positive result by affecting your cells’ metabolism.

Quite literally, users around the world are enticing the increase in their health after use. What makes it even better is infrared saunas were specially designed to allow almost any sized user, so any type of person can access the benefits provided.

Types of Infrared Sauna Heaters and Their Differences

There are two types of infrared sauna heaters. One is Carbon Fiber and the other is Ceramic. Carbon fiber panels are typically more durable and are used in the most p-to-date sauna designs, while ceramic is often more fragile by comparison. These were used in more first-generation infrared saunas. Ceramic is also more limited with its concentrated heat surface creating annoying hot spots in uncomfortable areas. Carbon fiber is produced and emitted more evenly allowing for more even body temperatures during the session.

It’s also worth noting the Ceramic heaters are, for the most part, used as heat therapy for shorter session use. The good news, they’re more energy-efficient when comparing it to the more typical or traditional saunas. Carbon Fiber vents, however, are 40% more energy-efficient than its biggest counterpart. Due to the lower cost of energy, it’s fully capable of providing its users more session energy. More often than not, Carbon vents are commonly used for detox purposes.

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